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Welcome to the first sailing Club in the South of India.


Water Wags, Enterprises, Lasers, Radials, 29'ers, 420's, Sea Birds, Omega's  and ofcourse the eternal Optimist comprise the current fleet at the Club. "Club races" are on Sunday mornings and all boats compete under the Portsmouth handicap.

While the Club is for members, students are welcome to join.

Training, rescue and boats are available at the Club.

Our postal address is:  

Royal Madras Yacht Club
Club: Spring Heaven Warf, The Harbor, Chennai:600 001.
Annex: Navy Office Road, (off.Kamraj Salai), Chennai 600  009.

Ph: (00 91 44) 2536 1713.
Email:   Managers - Mr. Martin and Mr. Ramesh 92821 07443.

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Briefly, this is what happened ....

The RMYC was the first sailing Club in the South of India.  It was founded n 1911 by the then Chairman of The Madras Port Trust – Mr. Francis Spring in what was called the Timber Pond area of the harbour. The Bembridges were built there and gradually the (Dublin Bay) Water Wags which we still use comprised the fleet. 

In the 1980’s, the Club had 40+ members and a fleet of under 15 Wags. Commodore Claudius was at the helm of affairs. Sunday after noon races were seriously competed except by us “kids” who would not round the last mark and beat the fleet back to the Club just to get our share of Tea and Scramble egg sandwiches. Parties were informal (not casual) and singing and dancing used to wind up when you knew that the sun was about to break over the horizon. By this time, the Club was already producing champions in the  Cadet and Enterprise class.

 In the 1990’s, the Club’s Enterprise, Laser and Optimist fleet began to look up. Races were run by the Port’s Mouth handicap and the fleet reached 20+ boats by the end of 2000.The Club began to grow its fleet in the Laser an Optimist (a huge shift to single handers) and week end sailing and participation at National levels reached new hights. The Tsunami in 2004 washed over the Club wrecking 80% of the Wag fleet and a few Enterprises. Nevertheless, we still have about 15 sea worthy boats in all and members are showing interest to buy new 420 and Optimist. The Club is open to people interested in the sport of sailing. Please email/call if you need to address your curosity.   





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Interestingly, the Dutch, Portuguese, French and the others who colonized India and the south of it left no legacy on the sailing front.

The story began with the arrival of Mr. Francis Day and  the setting up of the “factory” where Fort St. George stands today. While Mr. Francis Day set up the factory about 400 years ago, our founder Sir Francis Spring (the then chairman of the Madras Port) set up a little facility about 100 years ago in  the Timber Pond Area of the harbor. Here is where boats were built for leisure and racing. It might be relevant to add that both these Pioneers’ founded their respective institutions in the same geographic area (within 2 km. as the crow flies). Apparently, Sir Francis Spring was an avid sailor and a true sports man and left a legacy unparallel in the history of the sport in Madras. Sailing was popular at that time in the Ennore Creek and subsequently moved to the Adyar Estuary. The boats they built and sailed were in wood and some photographs of the early 1930 are available. The Royal Madras Yacht Club that was founded in 1911 had members and sailors who were the “Captains of Industry and Trade” in Madras. The Club which was originally The Madras Yacht Club got a charter on 20 February 1962 from Her Majesty The Queen Of England  after which the prefix of Royal was added. Boats at the Club in those days were named after the Institutions that they represented including Grindlays Bank, Shaw Wallace, Imperial Tobacco Company, Parrys etc. The Patron of the Club was the Governor of Madras. Subsequently the Chairman of The Madras Port Trust was invited to be the Patron of the Club under who’s stewardship and guidance we function. The Club’s history is entwined with the war’s that were fought on our shores and the Club house was bombed by the German War Ship Emden. A picture at the Club still exist with a hole in it – the hole was made by the shrapnel of an exploded bomb. At one point in the Club’s history, the Club house was acquired by the Navy during the war for its war time effort and the Club moved to a smaller location in the harbor. Some photographs in that era can be viewed.

Some of us who have been sailing at the Royal Madras Yacht Club for years have always felt the need to celebrate our great city and last year set sail to explore the city’s beauty from the ocean.  We sailed in two Sea Birds – Tern and Centinal and had a crew of about 15 persons – some as old as 8 years of age. The first trip we did was an off shore voyage to the Port Of Ennore as a part of our Centenary Celebrations thereby tracing the foot prints of our sailing ancestors.  In the following months, we decided to explore the beauty of Madras by heading South and did so beyond Elliots Beach – thereby passing the historic sights of The University Auditorium, The Chepauk, The outstanding Indo Mugal buildings overlooking the Marina, The Police Comissioner’s office , The Light House, Santhome, The Adyar Estuary (where we saw a large schools of Dolphins feeding, the broken bridge across the estuary, the Theosophical Society’s glorious buildings and the Elliot’s Memorial. Some of these pictures are available for viewing now.

Coming to the more recent times, it’s interesting to quote the Club’s 100 old charter as recorded in its founding document. The charter continues to read that the Club’s purpose is “to promote the sport of sailing” and in the century gone by, one is proud to be associated with an institution that has done so much for the citizens of Madras and students. Students like. In all these years, the Club has had a program for student’s that is unparallel to that offered by any such sport in the city. Students and schools are encouraged to join the Club by paying 1/100 th. of what it cost other members . This method of inducing “new blood” into a system is probably what has kept the Club alive, kicking and on track. It is probably this feature of the institution that has held the interest of the Port and offered the benevolent support of the Chairman and his team towards the Club in the 100 years that have gone by.

Thanks to the support of the Patron Of Our Club Mr. Athul Misra – Chairman Chennai Port Trust and the fantastic sailing conditions that the coast off Madras has to offer, our sailors are a part of the National Squad, represented the country in the recently concluded Asian Games and are at England for the prequalifiers of the 2012 Olympics.   

On 04 September 2011, we plan to celebrate Madras Day and set sail to see some of the sights of White Town Madras and then sail south heading for Elliots Beach. Members of the Press and those of Madras Walk are welcome to join in this celebration which in memory of the founder of Madras Mr. Francis Day. For those who are interested in a day long trip, passes need to be made to enter the Port where the Club is located and space on sail boats is restricted to not more than 4 to 6 per boat – weather permitting. The plan for the day etc. can be got by sending an email to the Club’s secretary.

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Members Of The Management Comittee 2009 - 2011.

  • Commodore            - Capt. Vivek Shanbagh
  • Rear Cmdr.             - Mr. Kishore Reddy
  • Capt.Of Boats          - Mr. Deep Rekhi                 
  • Hon. Secretary         - Mr. Ishtiaq Currimbhoy             
  • Hon. Treasurer        - Mr. Abdul Razak Osman        
  • Official & M             - Capt. Nandkumar V       
  • Committee Member  - Dr. Misra Purnendu                 
  • Committee Member  - Capt. Jayadevan                
  • Committee Member  - Mr. Navaz Currimbhoy  
  • For Member's Convinience, payments against Club's bills may be made to:   

    Royal Madras Yacht Club
    State Bank Of India, Main Branch, Rajaji Salai, Chennai 600 001.
    A/C No      : 108 859 057 68
    IFSC Code   : SBI N00 132 41

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